Roofing in Indonesia

Indonesia enjoys a very pleasant tropical climate all year round. It has a dry season that coincides with the southern hemisphere winter and a rainy season in summer. And this rainy season is where you have to think when designing and building the roof of a building because sometimes it can rain very intensely.

Current architectural trends in Indonesia follow the contemporary architecture line that is fashionable in Asia at the moment and tends to design flat roofs or inclined roofs that instead of creating eaves to protect the façades and to evacuate the water effectively pour the Water on small flat roofs. These flat roofs are often a point where leaks and dampness are created very easily. Flat roofs in a tropical climate should be carefully designed and provided with a good waterproofing. If you do not want to spend the money needed to run it correctly it will always be better to resort to a traditional sloped roof.

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Indonesia has a very interesting traditional architecture and the shapes
of the roofs are especially interesting. Each island has its traditional roofs of various shapes and all these roofs have something in common, are inclined and create eaves that protect the façades, in some cases these eaves extend to form the "façade-roof". Currently, there is a tendency to break with the traditions to create "minimalist" designs, without taking into account that traditional architecture has many centuries of experience and its roofs effectively protect from these torrential rains.

Traditional roofs of Indonesia

In many western countries similar happens, but because better techniques and better waterproofing materials are available and the rains are not usually as intense as in the tropics, leaks are not as common, but dirt on the façades.

A good design, to be current, has more options than resorting to flat roofs. What's more, you can achieve spectacular designs blending tradition and modernity.

amazing roof design

It is also true that in some projects the flat roofs can result in a greater use of the available space and a greater functionality creating terraces. In these cases flat roofs have to be well designed and waterproofed.

amazing flat roof design

Javier Castiella, June 2017